Frequently Asked Questions

Hytale Servers allow players to connect to large online communities with other Hytale players and engage in a variety of different types of gameplay. provides Hytale players with the ability to find servers, and Hytale server owners with the ability to advertise their own servers to other Hytale players!

Q1: What is Hytale?


Hytale is an upcoming sandbox role-playing video game by Hypixel Studios. Production began in 2015 by developers from the Minecraft multiplayer server Hypixel with funding and assistance from Riot Games, who later acquired the studio in April 2020. Hytale is planned to be released for Microsoft Windows and macOS by 2021.

Q2: How do Hytale Servers work?


Since Hytale’s server versions are distributed in an open-source format, this means that the limits to which you can enhance your Hytale server are virtually nonexistent! Like with Minecraft, Hytale’s primary scripting language for servers is also Java. So for all your programmers out there coming from the Minecraft community trying out Hytale for the first time, fear not! Hypixel Studios anticipated that the bulk of its fans would be coming over from Minecraft, which was one of the primary reasons they chose to stick to the same programming language that Mojang uses. Another new and extremely convenient feature that Hytale offers which wasn’t present in Minecraft is “hot-reloading”, which essentially means that whenever you edit a script or a file, it will auto-reload said file without requiring a full blown restart of the entire server. Lastly, Hytale provides its own resource synchronization system which means that you won’t have to install custom clients or other questionable and frustrating software in order to connect to certain servers. It’s all built directly into the game!

Q3: What can you do on Hytale Servers?


The potential for customization and gameplay variability is truly limitless with Hytale. Features of Hytale Servers include Minigames, adventuring, creating, roleplaying, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Q4: Can I create my own Hytale Server?


Yes! The easiest way to create a Hytale Server is by using a specialized Hytale Server Hosting company which simplifies an otherwise very complex process. Fortunately for you, we happen to operate one ourselves and encourage you to check it out by visiting

Q5: Is there a way to collect donations from my Hytale Server?


There sure is! provides Hytale server owners with the ability to earn money from their Hytale servers without the hassle of having to pay for any monthly subscription. That’s right! It’s 100% free to use!

Q6: How do I reserve my Hytale username?


To check the availability of a Hytale username, you can use the Hytale Name availability checker provided for free over at Name reservation itself will become available sometime in 2021 at